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Once again, Indirekt is digging deep into your emotions whilst revealing some of the ‘best kept’ musical secrets in Europe. The team behind Indirekt Music&Art Festival started their search in 2013. and since has brought over 100 acts – both music and arts – in Umag, a little town on the western coast of Istria. The goal is to connect with the region as well as to create a network for all you indie souls out there. This is not all – more music and arts acts are soon to be announced. Indirekt festival is going to be held from 7 until 10 June 2018, at Kamp Veli Jože in Savudrija, Umag. Picture this: a pine wood forest, close to the see, with a light breeze brushing your cheek…need we say more? See ya!



SVEMIRKO (CRO)  just like his name says (Spaceguy), is out of this world. His name is Marko Vuković and his music tells a story about his life experience on Earth. Indirekt noticed him while he was a one man band Kimekai and Nikonar, and presented his music to the audience at Autumn and Winter Indirekt editions in Belgrade and Zagreb. Now it’s time for the whole band to present secrets of the universe in Istria, a place with the largest telescope in the country.

The taste of his music is sweet as ‘Vanilla’ playing on your tounge, with a hint of emo-macho synth pop, sprinkled with a lot of dance and nostalgia.

We have been waiting for the new LP and we are happy to inform you that it will come out on June 1st. Not only that, but Svemirko will perform ‘Tunguzija’ for the first time in Croatia at Indirekt festival.

Check out their latest  single ‘Meni se ne svira’ [I don’t want to play] and get ready to enter the outer universe with us. So, come to the Indirekt side, we have Svemirko and we’re about to see why they’re being named as one of the best modern music acts from the region.




DOGS IN KAVALA (SRB) are not The Beach Boys, but their melodies are surfin’. Young perspective trio met in BIGZ Kulturni Centar in 2016 and started jamming together with an idea to create music influenced by surf soundS of the 60s, garage psychedelia of 70s, new wave of psych, and bands like DIIV, POND, Holy Wave, Ty Segall, Parquet Courts etc. They played for the first time last year at our Indirekt showcase edition in Serbia, and now the furious three are coming for the first time to Umag for our summer festival edition.

Meet Nikola Hajdukovic, Sinisa Janjic and Srđan Jeremic, these three Belgrade boys are bringing a lot of raw energy to Indirekt festival. The thing about these dogs is, that you cannot tame them. Hypnotizing drum sounds, breathless bass drive, soft vocals and heavily reverberated guitar sounds will teleport you straight to the beach. You just hit play – and we will make sure that the beach is ready for your arrival.




JUNE (MKD) is the enthusiastic spirit of five young people madly in love with music. Formed in October 2010, the band is making a significant mark in the Macedonian music scene, giving a breeze of freshness playing a mixture of indie pop, americana with doses of acoustic country pop. Played on various festivals and concerts such as Taksirat 2010 with Nouvelle Vague, EXIT 2011 , Zdravo Mladi 2012, PIN Conference 2012, Sziget Festival 2015, Vienna Waves Festival 2015, Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016 and many more… So far they have released three albums, “Someday soon” (June 2012), “Indian Summer” (December 2014) and their last album “Living For The Weekend” was released in March 2017.



Mary May (CRO) two years ago she showed the material she made in a short – but emotionally intense – period, to a friend. This was the start of a collaboration which produced Mary May’s debut album. She decided to introduce her self to the public with Softest Tune, the song „it all started with“. Her partner on the album is Mark Mrakovčić, a critically acclaimed Croatian producer and musician.




PI (CRO) prior known as Ivana Picek and as a member of a psychedelic band Pridjevi, is a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Zagreb, Croatia. She’s recently often named as the most interesting and promising Croatian musician of the younger generation. After releasing her new album “Časna lubanjska”, which received nothing but critical acclaim, she mesmerizes and gets more and more of worshippers, which is best seen on her shows which are everything but ordinary. The album is full of references and hidden language, song titles are coded symbols, inviting the listener to enter Pi’s mystic ritual. Dark forests, nuns and convents, caskets, demons, kings and little girls, light and shadows mixed with ethereal layers of voice and instruments come together in the songs which will be haunting you for days.




DOPE CALYPSO (HUN) is brought to you by HOTS – Hungarian Oncoming Tunes – at Indirekt festival 2018. Following great experiences with bands like The Kolin, Middlemist Red, The Immigrants, Indirekt keeps on revealing treasures from the growing Hungarian music scene.

This band sounds as if the Buzzcocks played the Pixies, and as if a garage punk group all of a sudden would fall deeply in love with the delicate pop music of the late sixties. No bass in the band, only 2 guitars and drums?  No problem for Dope Calypso.

Their debut LP was chosen among the best LPs in Hungary in 2014. The next album Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!, was very well accepted outside the country, confirmed their intention to go international. As a recognition of their talent and hard work, in 2018 they were performed at Eurosonic Noorderslag and they are coming at Indirekt directly from Primavera festival. That definitely means something!

The band’s performances are considered to be powerful, very-loud and as effective as an energy-bomb. They express themselves best on stage, and we can confirm that since we’ve seen them live at Autumn Indirekt Showcase in Belgrade and we just can’t wait for you to see them too. It’s going to be DOPE!




THE YELLOW TRAFFIC LIGHT (ITA) is a four piece band from Turin, Italy, and we’re celebrating our sixth birthday together at Indirekt festival. After a couple of EP’s the band released their first full length “Worlds Within Walls” in March 2018. Echoes of ‘70s psychedelia surround a more direct shoegaze while the lyrics include hints of Japan. Their music is largely influenced by My Bloody Valentines, Ride, Adorable and newer bands like Toy, Tame Impala, DIIV which they supported on Italian tour.

“There’s a light that never goes out”, as the Smiths say, in this case The Yellow Traffic Light, who will keep us on our toes until the light hits green. Check them out at Indirekt just before their American tour and SXSW show!




SUN U (CRO)  is a one woman project by multiinstrumentalist Sanja Šiljković. Her first single ‘Day After Day’ followed by ‘When Everything Goes Down’ were enough for media to put her on top of the alternative Croatian music scene. But her career in music goes a long way back through the funk bands like Headswitch, via the cult band Lollobrigida to ShoXX and finally her solo project SUN U. She was even awarded as the most perspective young musician in 2005. Influenced by Scandinavian dance scene, from Royskopp to Moderat, The Knife, Robyn, her sound will dazzle you. Unusual instruments and diversity of sounds generated from random everyday objects in her music is fascinating. Just close your eyes, let yourself go and immerse yourself in this enchanting music and feel the breeze of Scandinavian music . She dedicated three years to her upcoming debut album and we’re finally going to hear it live at Indirekt.

You don’t want to miss this premiere!


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NINA BAJSIĆ (CRO) lives, works and studies dramaturgy at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.So, it’s no surprise that she’s written several dramatic texts, screenplays and radio plays. Her texts were performed at a few theater festivals, and Nina was involved in plays of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, City Drama Theater Gavella and the Irish Rough Magic Theater Company, Dublin. She is also a musician, it’s a passion she nourishes through the play ‘Hoerspiel – a little game to hear (and see)’ from 2013., which is a radio play that explores the limits between airplay and theater. But not only that. After a few months she spent in Dublin, Nina takes up music more intensely, she learned how to play the guitar, and writes, sings, and from time to time, even publishes her own material.




BEE BEE SEA (ITA) an exuberant surge of psychedelic punk rock, comes blasting out of the industrial town of Castel Goffredo. Formed in 2013 they soon started to get recognition for their energetic live shows. In 2015, Bee Bee Sea released their self-titled debut album, whose first pressing was sold out. They played alongside Oh Sees, Black Lips, Night Beats, King Khan & The Shrines and many more. Songs from their last EP were used in major commercial campaigns including Fiat, DC Skateboarding, New Balance and DMAX. It’s easy to see why their songs have been used in commercials for cars, sneakers and skateboards. This is the sound of summer joy!

Following Austrian Cari Cari’s show from last year, we have another band whose songs were featured in a popular American show Shameless. The least we can say is that Indirekt and Shamelss share good taste in music!



TÚS NUA (CRO) call themselves ‘the new beginning’. Three members – Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić and Matea Milevoj – play a blend of post-rock, shoegaze with a little bit of everything, since 2016. They take the known and the unknown from everyday life, and turn it into atmospheric music with short lyrics, and ambiguous meanings, taking you on a journey you can experience in a hundred different ways. This Croatian three-piece band, along with their drummer, will haunt you and give you chills with their shared vocals that blend together with instruments into powerful melodies.

Their first singles Matches and Geysir announced their debut album Horizons (2017), that took over the music scene and won a lot of praise by Croatian media. Not only that. Their single ‘Fight’ was featured as a song of the day at KEXP, and their new label from Seattle Weltraum-Wal Records has just released Horizons on cassettes in USA.

They have been named numerous times as the band of 2017. in Croatia, we’re making them the band of 2018. as well and you don’t want to miss their show.




NEON LIES (CRO) is a solo project of Goran Lautar, frontman of dystopian post punkers Modern Delusion, The Babies, Welcomin’ Committee In Flames… Neon Lies started in 2015 as a lo fi minimal synth project, recorded and performed on vintage tape 4-track machine and cheep flea market keyboards. In 2017 after 2 European tours, including the one supporting American darkwave duo Boy Harsher, he released his 2nd album called „II“ under Croatian label Cosmic Brood (Doomtown Recordsa) and German label Black Verb Records. His quality speaks for itself, he was an opening act along with our dear Svemirko for Ariel Pink’s show in Zagreb and you don’t want to miss their new material in Umag. Under neon lights you can check how it looks like to play adult music on synths for kids and prepare to be amazed.


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ICHABOD (CRO)  is 19. He comes form a town that lies on four rivers. His name is Ichabod, but his friends call him Bruno Šlat. To this years Indirekt festival, he’s bringing a stripped down set of original songs. From a poetic side, they are based on his own experiences – but from the musical perspective, these songs are influenced by the 60s. Mr Ichabod says „We Could’ve Had a Better Time“, if you come to Indirekt of course.




BASTION (CRO) When we say Marko, they both say Polo – because there are two Marko’s that hold this Bastion! Marko Purišić i Marko Matijević Sekul, come together in a new collaborative project, and this time they play – POP. ‘Now, I give to you’ (Dajem ti sve) is a song that will make all the people from Umag to question who is it written for. Did we mention they are both form Umag?





DUNJA MATIĆ (CRO) graduated from the Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, 2012. Foreign Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at the Course Research Methodology in Culture since 2015, a co-founder and former editor of the interdisciplinary magazine for culture “Drugost”. Dunja Matić is also the editor of the online magazine “Live Literature” since 2013, which publishes poetry, prose, and reviews on the City of Rijeka Library website. As a moderator, performer and attendant, she participated in numerous literary evenings and workshops such as Pontes, 2006; Goran Spring, 2014; Seksotinovo, 2017; Night of the Great reading 2017; Early Works, 2018, Who reads? 2018).

She is the editor of the book “Tihi rat” by Luka Murina (2016) and the book “Now I can finally climb up the stairs” skarlet_p, published by Studio TiM (2017). In December 2017 she published the novel “Three Layer Linen”. Currently, she is preparing a collection of short stories. The publishing of the book was provided by the City of Rijeka budget funds according to public needs

in culture. From 2018 she is a member of the informal literary group Ri Lit.

SVEN POPOVIĆ (CRO) was born in 1989 in Zagreb, and after a bit of growing up, he graduated from Comparative Literature, English Language and Literature and Americanis Studies at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. He writes music

and literary critical reviews for specialized journals and portals. He has published prose in Quorum, Zarez, Phantom of Liberty, magazine Nova riječ, almanac  ” The Record Stories“, an anthology of young prose writers “Without a Door, Without Knocking” and various internet portals. His literary debut

Nebo u kaljuži” was released in 2015.

His stories were included in “Best European Fiction 2017”  and translated into English, German, Polish and Romanian. He lives and does not work in Zagreb. He is coming to Indirekt to promote his second book called ‘Convincingly Second‘ (Uvjerljivo drugi).


MAJA KLARIĆ (CRO) was born in 1985 in Šibenik. She graduated from English Language and Literature and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She works as a literary translator for various publishing houses, and has translated for the magazines The Word, Poetry and Libra Libera, the newspapers Zarez, the Third program of Croatian Radio. Also, she organizes the event The forest poets (Šumski pjesnici) near Grožnjan.

She has published articles in various newspapers and magazines: Zarez, Quorum, Knjigomat, Poezija,Theme … She is a winner of a scholarship for a residence in Brazil and Estonia. She traveled to most European and South American countries. She has published three collections of Traveling Poetry:  Backpack Life, Quinta Pitanga and Unfinished Creation; as well as a book of travel “Vrijeme badema” after walking a 880-kilometer-long Way of Camino de

Santiago in Spain. At Indirekt festival she will lead the workshop “blackout poetry”.


IVANA BAJCER (CRO) Art is a part of Ivana Bajcer’s life for a while now. Formally, she started her education in the art field at  the High school for arts, design, graphics and clothes in Zabok, which she finished in 2012. After laying the foundation, Ivana started her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she is currently working on her Masters degree in Graphics, under the supervision of her professor Tanja Dabo. She has presented her work on many workshops, such as MAPWorkshop Budapest (2016), International arts colony LindArt Lendava, Graphics workshop “Artionica” in Klovicevi dvori Zagreb (2016). In addition to this, she has also exhibited her work on many group shows in Croatia and abroad (Imaginary worlds Lauba 2017, Croatian trienale of graphics 2016, Grafična pomlad Ljubljana 2015). Ivana Bajcer has won multiple awards for her work, as well as the Dean Award for her Opera “Agrippina” of G. F. Händel piece.



LUCIJA ŽUTI (CRO) The Academy of Fine Arts, Graphics department, is also a home of Lucija Žuti, an artist from Varaždin. This year she will be finishing half of her Master’s studies under the supervision of the professor Mirjana Vodopija. So far she has exhibited her work on several group exhibitions and three independent ones – which took place in Poland and Croatia. In addition to this she has participated in the 38th “May Encounters” and the “Art colony” which was dedicated to persons with learning disabilities. Lucija Žuti has won second place for her poster for the Festival of International Literature.

In her work, the artist seeks to combine multiple techniques, from graphic, lithography to lineage. She also explores different media and techniques in visual arts, thus expressing her creativity through the use of small plastic and relief, and often uses three-dimensional objects in her works.

GORAN NOVAKOVIĆ (CRO) has completed his undergraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of professor Igor Rončević. He graduated in the class of doc. Zoltan Novak.

For now, he had one independent exhibit, called P_3 project in Zagreb, but he has exhibited his work in many group exhibitions such as: 18th International Miniature Exhibition (Zaprešić, 2015), Boiling point (Zagreb, 2013), Erste fragments 8 (Zagreb) International Street Art Festival (Germany, 2012) Transform, an international exhibition of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Southeast Europe; National Gallery for Foreign Arts (Bulgaria)- production of opera set Carmen, collaboration of ALU, ADU and Music Academy in Zagreb.

As Goran once said, in his work, he only asks questions without suggestion of the real or sole answers.

DAVOR GROMILOVIĆ is a young visual artist currently residing in Sombor, Serbia.
Although painting and drawing are the primary fields of his creative explorations, he also shows creative abilities and genuine commitment to other artistic forms, such as murals, illustrations, graphics, art fanzines and T-shirt design.

Until now he has had 16 solo and over 60 group exhibitions. His works can be found in various art and private collections. He has had his works published in numerous books, magazines and fanzines from around the world.

His work is narrative and often inspired by folk-art, fantastic motives of fairy tales, music, cultural heritage, as well as by his personal experiences and inner world. In his work one notices a dominant use of symbols, his inner world and complex reflections from which he develops his ideas and specific intimate aesthetics. Complex, but at the same time purified, strongly imaginative but well-thought-out works adorn this artist’s rich oeuvre.






UMAG, Sv. Roko Church

Bastion (HR)
Ichabod (HR)

“Under Cover”
Kolektiv MG


SAVUDRIJA, Veli Joze Camp

Dunja Matić (HR)
Sven Popović (HR)
Nina Bajsić (HR)
Maja Klarić (HR)

Split Spot Festival

Nina Bajsić (Hr)
Pi (Hr)
Tus Nua (Hr)
The Yellow Traffic lLight (It)
Dope Calypso (Hu)
Neon Lies (Hr)


UMAG, Buoni Amici (Garibaldi Street)

KLFM presents RNC
Cuisine Duo
Marko Rudelić
Ilija Ludvig
KLFM Soundsystem


SAVUDRIJA, Veli Joze Camp

Split Spot Festival
Mary May (Hr)
June (Mk)
Dogs in Kavala (Sr)
Svemirko (Hr)
Bee Bee Sea (It)
Sun U (Hr)

ART – JUNE 7-9

UMAG (Dante Street)


Ivana Bajcer
Lucija Žuti (HR)
Davor Gromilović (SR)
Goran Novaković (HR)
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